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Our Investment Manager (JRCM)

RIT’s investment manager is J. Rothschild Capital Management Limited (JRCM).  JRCM is also the administrator and company secretary. 

JRCM manages the investment portfolio as well as the RIT Group's day to day business. Overall authority at JRCM is vested in the Executive Committee. The broad investment team comprises investment professionals with expertise and long standing experience across public equities, absolute return and credit, external funds, private investments and risk management.

JRCM believes that active management of equity exposure, combined with early identification of opportunities and themes across asset classes, is more likely to lead to long-term outperformance. It aims for healthy participation in up markets, and reasonable protection in down markets. Over time, this should allow for compounding ahead of markets throughout the cycles. More information on our investment strategy can be viewed on the Investment approach page.

JRCM Executive Committee

Maggie Fanari

Chief Executive Officer

Maggie Fanari is the Chief Executive
Officer at J. Rothschild Capital
Management Limited. 

Nick Khuu

Chief Investment Officer

Nick Khuu is the Chief Investment
Officer at J. Rothschild Capital
Management Limited.

Andrew Jones

Chief Financial & Operating Officer

Andrew Jones is the Chief Financial & Operating Officer at J. Rothschild Capital Management Limited.