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RIT in the news

Date Article Source
23 Jan 2023 Sorting The Value From The Value Traps Master Investor
23 Jan 2023 The investment trusts cautiously backing crypto Investors Chronicle
06 Jan 2023 Compelling contrarian opportunity Peel Hunt
06 Jan 2023 Investment Companies Numis Securities
01 Dec 2022 Festive investment trust bargains for all the family Financial Times
15 Nov 2022 Net Asset Value(s) The London Stock Exchange
14 Oct 2022 Net Asset Value(s) and Commentary The London Stock Exchange
03 Oct 2022 Top 10 most-popular investment trusts: September 2022 Interactive Investor
14 Sep 2022 Net Asset Value(s) The London Stock Exchange
12 Aug 2022 Net Asset Value(s) The London Stock Exchange
12 Aug 2022 Net Asset Value(s) The London Stock Exchange
20 Jul 2022 Net Asset Value(s) The London Stock Exchange
16 Jun 2022 Net Asset Value(s) The London Stock Exchange
17 May 2022 Net Asset Value(s) The London Stock Exchange
30 Apr 2022 Are we already in the middle of a crash? The Times
19 Apr 2022 Inflation-friendly trusts in demand: what is proving popular? Interactive Investor
19 Apr 2022 How should I grow my investments to fund my family's large expenses? Investors Chronicle
19 Apr 2022 Net Asset Value(s) The London Stock Exchange
13 Apr 2022 Investors have never been more worried about economic growth Interactive Investor
27 Mar 2022 Investment trusts for a new economic era FT Advisor
26 Mar 2022 Overview Kepler Trust Intelligence
25 Mar 2022 ISA tips: funds and trusts investors can buy and forget about Interactive Investor
23 Mar 2022 Seven investment trusts offering portfolio diversification and inflation protection Proactive Investors
21 Mar 2022 The investment trusts that aim to beat inflation AND keep your money safe: We run the rule over Ruffer, Personal Assets, RIT and Capital Gearing This is Money
14 Mar 2022 Advisers' top investment trust picks for Isas FT Adviser
14 Mar 2022 Net Asset Value(s) The London Stock Exchange
01 Mar 2022 RIT Capital beats benchmarks as private holdings shine Shares Magazine
01 Mar 2022 RIT Capital Partners returns bounce back, but managers will exercise caution moving forward Trustnet
01 Mar 2022 Which defensive funds are working? Investors Chronicle
01 Mar 2022 IN BRIEF: RIT Capital posts boost to net asset value and ups dividend Morningstar
01 Mar 2022 Why we're keeping RIT Capital Partners in our portfolio Money Week
26 Feb 2022 Hold your nerve! Biggest danger Vladimir Putin poses to every investor is scaring you into selling out now This is Money
19 Feb 2022 From maternity to MOTs: saving for your retirement The Times
18 Feb 2022 Where to invest when inflation is running hot: Expert tips on the best stocks, funds and trusts to protect your wealth This is Money
17 Feb 2022 Net Asset Value(s) The London Stock Exchange
28 Jan 2022 Net Asset Value(s) The London Stock Exchange
17 Jan 2022 Trust discounts widen in 2021 as post-Covid euphoria is hit by new variants Investment Week
13 Jan 2022 Should I pay more to fund managers to try to beat the market? The Telegraph
30 Dec 2021 Questor our tip of the year turned up trumps, but our Swedish adventure has fallen flat The Telegraph
24 Dec 2021 MoneyWeek’s Super Six December 2021 update on our investment trust portfolio MoneyWeek
22 Dec 2021 RIT Capital Partners update private companies boost returns MoneyWeek
13 Dec 2021 How to supercharge your pension when you hit 50 The Telegraph
06 Dec 2021 Five shares worth watching if stock markets catch cold from Omicron The Times
02 Dec 2021 I’m 81 and own just 10 stocks – is this too risky? The Telegraph
22 Nov 2021 Have your cake and eat it What Investment
19 Nov 2021 Investment Week reveals winners of Investment Company Awards 2021 Investment Week
11 Nov 2021 Citywire Investment Trust Awards 2021: The Winners! Citywire
08 Oct 2021 Beware a 1970s-style inflation flare-up: As energy prices soar and the recovery falters, it could be time to put your portfolio on the defensive This Is Money
27 Sep 2021 Invest in a promising new chapter at RIT Capital Partners Money Week
16 Sep 2021 Telegraph's top 10 defensive funds to protect your savings The Telegraph
04 Sep 2021 Why a stocks and shares Isa is the perfect gift for a baby The Times
04 Aug 2021 Digital Asset Management Platform Aspen Digital Raises $8.8M in Pre-A Funding Led by RIT Capital Partners and Liberty City Ventures Cision PR Newswire
03 Aug 2021 RIT Capital’s first half goes bang with 9% in Coupang Citywire
13 Jul 2021 David Stevenson: Building a defensive all-weather portfolio Citywire
03 Jul 2021 Be single minded and pick ONE multi-asset fund to do it all from the hundreds on offer: We reveal how to choose This Is Money
25 Jun 2021 Keep calm and carry on with RIT Capital Partners Investors Chronicle
17 Jun 2021 Don’t be shy, ask ii…what are the alternatives to bonds? Interactive Investor
07 Apr 2021 Best performing funds of 2021: UK and small caps dominate while some niche investment trusts have rocketed more than 100% (plus eight ideas for your new Isa) This Is Money
01 Apr 2021 Three investment trusts that any investor can put at the heart of their portfolio Trustnet
19 Mar 2021 Investment trust ISA millionaires and how you could be one of them What Investment
19 Mar 2021 We almost ditched this investment trust from our model portfolio. We’re glad we didn’t MoneyWeek
18 Mar 2021 Telegraph's top 10 'defensive' funds to protect your savings The Telegraph
18 Mar 2021 Telegraph 25: the definitive list of our favourite funds The Telegraph
18 Mar 2021 RIT offers most of the stock market's thrills but thankfully less of the spills The Daily Telegraph
16 Mar 2021 Why I've fallen back in love with my Isa: The PRUDENT INVESTOR on how he's found a smarter home for his pension savings This Is Money
02 Mar 2021 RIT Capital shrugs off effects of virus Quoted Data
21 Nov 2020 I'm sticking by the funds with family ties The Times
03 Nov 2020 Bargain Hunter: 'safe-haven' trust is cheap and discount risk limited Interactive Investor
30 Oct 2020 RIT CP completes first share buyback since 2013 Investment Week
17 Oct 2020 The 25 best shares and funds to invest in during the new Covid-19 lockdown The Evening Standard
09 Sep 2020 Bestinvest cuts BMO property from ‘top’ trusts list Citywire
02 Sep 2020 Invest at a Discount in The Rothschild's Listed Family Office: RIT Capital Partners Seeking Alpha
03 Aug 2020 ECI Partners invests in CSL ECI
09 Jun 2020 How to plan your investments depending on your age The Telegraph
19 May 2020 Beginner investors: the funds to buy at six different life stages Money Observer
07 May 2020 Core and satellite investment trust portfolios - one year on Money Observer
04 May 2020 Recession-proofing a portfolio - shares and funds that fit the bill Money Observer
03 May 2020 Investors look for safe havens as pension funds tumble Sunday Express
01 May 2020 Defend your savings from the market rout: The funds hailed by investors that prioritise guarding over growing cash The Daily Mail
01 May 2020 Not all beginners are in the same boat Money Observer
02 Apr 2020 Did defensive funds protect investors during the market sell-off? Money Observer
14 Mar 2020 Put on a tin hat - and try our four defensive tips for the trenches This Is Money
14 Mar 2020 RIT CAPITAL PARTNERS: £2.8bn trust grows money over the long term, while preserving initial investments The Daily Mail
06 Mar 2020 10 investment trusts for your Isa 2020 Investors Chronicle
06 Mar 2020 Female fund managers reveal how they came to be in the job and where they invest their own money Moneywise
03 Mar 2020 RIT Capital had a decent 2019 QuotedData
03 Mar 2020 RIT Capital Partners FY Profit Surges CE Noticias Financieras English
03 Mar 2020 RIT Capital Partners FY Profit Surges RTT News
03 Mar 2020 Where do pension millionaires invest? We reveal the most popular funds with those who've built up £1m in their pot The Daily Mail
02 Mar 2020 What to buy if you're opening your first Isa as a novice investor The Telegraph
01 Mar 2020 Female fund managers share their stories Moneywise
25 Jan 2020 No savings at 50? I’d buy these 2 investment trusts to retire wealthy The Motley Fool
12 Jan 2020 Silver, Swiss francs and Bitcoin investors - new safe havens The Sunday Telegraph
09 Jan 2020 Bond, property and multi-asset tips for 2020: finding footholds in uncertain times Money Observer
01 Jan 2020 Outlook precarious for both bonds and property Money Observer
01 Jan 2020 It has paid to be bold and brave Money Observer
10 Nov 2019 Forget Bitcoin and the National Lottery! Here's what SIPP and ISA millionaires invest in The Fool
05 Nov 2019 How to invest like a SIPP millionaire Your Money
14 Oct 2019 Three final funds to buy, hold and forget about FE Trustnet
21 Sep 2019 Want your investments to be ready for anything? The Mail on Sunday
05 Aug 2019 RIT Capital Partners posts positive performance in first half StockMarketWire
05 Aug 2019 RIT Capital Interim Net Assets Reach Record High, Dividend Up Morningstar
26 Jul 2019 It's a Family Affair Money Observer
13 Jun 2019 Why it's the right time to invest with RIT Capital Shares Magazine
02 Jun 2019 Invest Alongside One Of The Most Famous Names In Finance With RIT Capital Partners Seeking Alpha
16 May 2019 How to build a core and satellite investment trust portfolio Money Observer
16 May 2019 RIT Capital Partners The Times
15 May 2019 Royal Returns - Interactive Investor on funds and trusts fit for children City AM
30 Mar 2019 Telegraph 25: three changes to our favourite funds for 2019 The Daily Telegraph
14 Mar 2019 What has been your greatest ever ISA investment? Citywire Wealth Manager
06 Mar 2019 Rothschild - 'worst year since Suez' The Times
06 Mar 2019 'A near perfect storm': Rothschild says last year was most 'treacherous' since 2008 FE Trustnet
05 Mar 2019 RIT Capital Partners outperforms equity markets in 2018 results Quoted Data
05 Mar 2019 Lord Rothschild says UK 'facing worst political crisis since Suez' Evening Standard
05 Mar 2019 Lord Rothschild: '2018 was the most difficult and treacherous year since 2008' Investment Week
21 Feb 2019 Which investment trusts make it into the brokers' 2019 model portfolios? Money Observer
18 Feb 2019 To beat inflation, turn to investment trusts Money Observer
29 Jan 2019 Keep calm and carry on investing: As study reveals investors are sticking to cash, what's the best approach in stormy markets? The Daily Mail
25 Jan 2019 The funds that are on the rocks The Times
21 Dec 2018 December 2018 Update: The MoneyWeek Model Investment Trust Portfolio Doubles its Money MoneyWeek
25 Oct 2018 If you're worried the stock market storm will get worse, where can you invest with protection? This Is Money
23 Oct 2018 Charles Stanley Direct’s five funds for a truly diversified portfolio FE Trustnet
16 Oct 2018 The Prudent Investor: How to shelter your savings from the stock market storm The Daily Mail
06 Sep 2018 Top 10 Most Popular Investment Trusts - August 2018 Money Observer
01 Sep 2018 Telegraph Defensive 10: the definitive list of our favourite investment funds for the cautious investor The Telegraph
08 Aug 2018 Global disunity puts economic order at risk Investment Trust Insider
30 Jul 2018 The trusts that should prosper in a bear market Money Observer
13 Jul 2018 Investor Views: "I Want a Fund Which Preserves Capital" Morningstar
02 Jun 2018 The Experts The Times
01 Jun 2018 Ian Cowie: experts pick their investment trust safe havens Investment Trust Insider
30 May 2018 Purposeful Portfolios Money Observer
24 May 2018 Has your fund manager ever dealt with a recession before? Money Observer
16 May 2018 Tickets Alert: Spencer House Gardens Open Days IanVisits
01 May 2018 Skin in the game Master Investor
01 May 2018 Best Mixed Asset Trust Money Observer
25 Apr 2018 Investment Trust Tips for All Ages Using Isas and Pensions Money Observer
22 Apr 2018 Buy These Investments to Protect Yourself from a Stock Market Crash The Telegraph
16 Apr 2018 Investing monthly - most popular investment trust in March Hargreaves Lansdown
14 Apr 2018 The Investor Who Rises Early Will Reap the Best Returns The Times
13 Apr 2018 Is Private Equity the Perfect Investment for Your SIPP? Morningstar
13 Apr 2018 How the world's wealthiest keep it in the family Money Week
09 Apr 2018 The blurring line between quoted and unquoted investments FE Trustnet
07 Apr 2018 How to prepare for a bear v bull rumble The Times
26 Mar 2018 Super service: six selectors on what fund firms get right Citywire
23 Mar 2018 Telegraph 25 the definitive list of our favourite investment funds The Daily Telegraph
23 Mar 2018 Short positions...a new way to bet on start-ups Money Week
06 Mar 2018 RIT Capital Partners - remains cautiously positioned Hargreaves Lansdown
06 Mar 2018 A safe bet: investing with the Rothschilds The Times
04 Mar 2018 2 top investment trusts for a starter portfolio Interactive Investor
01 Mar 2018 RIT Capital Partners reveals stellar gains since 1988's flotation Shares Magazine
21 Feb 2018 The best place to invest your first £1,000? Consider these two investment Interactive Investor
07 Feb 2018 Analysts reveal best investment trusts for 2018 Interactive Investor
01 Feb 2018 Bull Run Looks Set For Its Final Spurt Money Observer
24 Jan 2018 Revealed: The Best Funds for 2018 Master Investor
17 Jan 2018 Most popular investment trusts in 2017 Hargreaves Lansdown
11 Dec 2017 RIT Capital Partners: Invest Alongside a Legendary Dynasty Seeking Alpha
09 Dec 2017 Two investment trusts I'd buy and hold for 25 years Yahoo! Finance
26 Oct 2017 Nine 'safe haven' investment trusts to weather a market slide Interactive Investor
26 Sep 2017 A trusted history Business Brief and Market News
15 Aug 2017 RIT Capital Partners Winner of "Investment Trust of the Year 2017" Wealth & Money Management Awards Wealth & Finance International
14 Aug 2017 Rothschild cuts back on his risk as shares rocket amid turmoil Evening Standard
04 May 2017 Investment Trust Awards 2017 - Best mixed asset trust Money Observer
05 Apr 2017 Where will the experts be investing their £20,000 Daily Mail
04 Apr 2017 Top 10 most popular investment trusts - March 2017 Money Observer
01 Mar 2017 Safe seat always comes at high price The Times
28 Feb 2017 Lord Rothschild: The avoidance of risk could become as high a priority as the pursuit of gain Investment Week
02 Feb 2017 January's 10 most bought trusts Money Observer
31 Jan 2017 Fund tips for the age of Donald Trump The Telegraph
30 Jan 2017 14 investment trusts for income and growth in 2017 Money Observer
26 Jan 2017 The investment trusts I have been buying selling Money Observer
25 Nov 2016 Revealed: Winners of the Investment Company of the Year Awards 2016 Investment Week
27 Oct 2016 Questor: Worried that the stock market is overvalued? This is the company for you The Telegraph
14 Oct 2016 Investment trust tips: fortune favours the brave Money Observer
15 Sep 2016 Best International Investment Trust 2016 - RIT Capital Partners plc Wealth & Finance International
15 Sep 2016 Wealth & Finance Magazine recognise RIT Capital Partners in 2016 Wealth & Money Mangement Awards Wealth & Finance International
15 Aug 2016 Rothschild's RIT Capital dumps sterling as it braces for the latest monetary 'experiment' The Telegraph
15 Aug 2016 Lord Rothschild warns on geopolitical risks as RIT bolsters defensive strategies; Trust reduces equity and sterling exposure Investment Week
24 May 2016 Investment Trust Awards 2016 - best mixed asset trust Money Observer
25 Mar 2016 Mark Dampier: 'Constantly tinkering with a portfolio can mean you' The Independent
16 Mar 2016 No smoke without fire Money Observer
09 Mar 2016 'Telegraph 25': the definitive list of our favourite investment funds Telegraph Investor
01 Mar 2016 Lord Rothschild warns stock markets are at ‘eye of storm’ Evening Standard
01 Mar 2016 Lord Rothschild: ‘we may well be in the eye of the storm’ Investment Week
17 Feb 2016 Seven family trusts for capital growth Money Observer
11 Feb 2016 A portfolio that's 80pc sensible, 20pc fun: build your 'core/satellite' Isa plan The Telegraph
10 Feb 2016 Five specialist investment trusts tips for long-term total returns Money Observer
14 Jan 2016 Get rich slow: Funds that aim to always rise The Telegraph
12 Jan 2016 11 global fund and trusts tips for 2016 Money Observer