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Significant shareholdings

Comprehensive information on major shareholders and Directors’ shareholdings.

Shares in issue (excluding treasury): 156,672,836 £1 Ordinary Shares in issue, as at 21 February 2022.

Largest Shareholders' Information

Shareholder Name Amount % Holding
Lord Rothschild*x 19,426,817 # 12.40
Hannah Rothschild* 15,402,708 # 9.83
The Rothschild Foundation* 15,390,848 9.82

The above table does not include Lord Rothschild's or Hannah Rothschild's direct voting rights in shares in the Company which are below the notifiable threshold.

* As Lord Rothschild and Hannah Rothschild are trustees of the Rothschild Foundation, the above notifiable interests include the same 15,390,848 shares held by this charity. 

x Part of Lord Rothschild's holdings include entities where Hannah Rothschild is one of the beneficiaries.

+ Lord Rothschild and Hannah Rothschild have an indirect beneficial interest in the shares of the Company held by Five Arrows Limited.

The total interests notified to the Company that directly relates to, and is overseen by, the family offices of Lord Rothschild and Hannah Rothschild (including shares in which Lord Rothschild and Hannah Rothschild do not have voting rights conferred through a direct or indirect holding) is 20.94%.

Director Shareholdings (as at 21 February 2022)

Director Name Amount % Holding
Hannah Rothschild 29,757,273** 18.99
Philippe Costeletos 51,850 0.03
Sir James Leigh-Pemberton 5,855 -
Amy Stirling 2,058 -
Mike Power 2,488 -
Maggie Fanari 0 -
Maxim Parr 0 -
André Perold 0 -

The above holdings comprise both beneficial and non-beneficial interests.

** The majority of total interests in the table above for Hannah Rothschild are in respect of shares held via trusts or companies where she is either (i) one of the beneficiaries; or (ii) one of the individuals able to exert significant influence (including non-beneficial interests in charitable foundations where she is one of the controlling trustees).