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Significant shareholdings

Comprehensive information on major shareholders and Directors’ shareholdings.

Shares in issue: 155.4m £1 Ordinary Shares in issue, as at Last Close.

Major Shareholders Information

Shareholder Name Amount % Holding
Lord Rothschild* 18,462,036 # 11.88
Hannah Rothschild* 14,081,001 # 9.06
The Rothschild Foundation* 14,081,001  9.06
Five Arrows Limited*+ 6,757,835 4.35

* Some or all of these holdings form part of Lord Rothschild’s and/or Hannah Rothschild’s interests disclosed below under Directors’ Interests. Due to certain of Lord Rothschild’s and Hannah Rothschild’s interests being held through family charitable foundations, companies or trusts, some of the above interests are in respect of the same shares where more than one Major Holder of Voting Rights is listed as a trustee and/or beneficiary of the trust concerned.

+ Includes shares held by a subsidiary.

# Indirect interests only; direct interests are below reportable thresholds.

Director Shareholdings

Director Name Amount % Holding
Lord Rothschild 28,366,132** 18.26
Hannah Rothschild 28,334,696** 18.23
The Duke of Wellington 114,000 0.07
Michael Marks 10,000 0.01
John Cornish 8,281 0.01
Amy Stirling 2,058 0.00
Mike Power 691 0.00
Philippe Costeletos 0 0.00

The above holdings comprise both beneficial and non-beneficial interests.

** The majority of total interests in the table above for Lord Rothschild and Hannah Rothschild are in respect of the same shares, in cases where they are held in family charitable foundations, companies or trusts.