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Financial calendar

These are the dates of our results announcements, our Annual General Meeting, the end of our financial year, and publication of our annual report and half-yearly report. For all RIT Capital Partners plc result announcements, the full news release will be available on our website. Our annual reports and half-yearly reports are available online and as hard copies. Dates may be subject to change.

Forecast Key Dates

Event Event Date
Next year end 31 December 2018
Next full year results annoucement February 2019
Next Annual General Meeting April 2019

Previous Key Dates

Event Event Date
Next dividend payment date 31 October 2018
Previous interim results announcement August 2018
Previous half year end 30 June 2018
Previous dividend payment date 30 April 2018
Previous Annual General Meeting 26 April 2018
Previous full year results announcement February 2018
Previous year end 31 December 2017
Previous dividend payment date October 2017
2017 half yearly results announcement August 2017
2017 half year end 30 June 2017
Previous dividend payment date 28 April 2017
2017 Annual General Meeting 27 April 2017
2016 full year results announcement 28 February 2017
2016 year end 31 December 2016
2016 half yearly results announcement 15 August 2016
2016 half year end 30 June 2016