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RIT in the news

Date Article Source
01 Mar 2017 Safe seat always comes at high price The Times
28 Feb 2017 RIT Capital Reports Strong Growth in 2016 NAV/Share Dow Jones
28 Feb 2017 The RIT stuff: why I’d buy RIT Capital Partners plc after FY results The Motley Fool
28 Feb 2017 Lord Rothschild warns 70 years of prosperity at risk Citywire
28 Feb 2017 Lord Rothschild, chairmain of the £3.8 billion RIT Capital Partners investment trust, has revealed how he is investing in the UK amind the uncertainty of Brexit What Investment
28 Feb 2017 Lord Rothschild: The avoidance of risk could become as high a priority as the pursuit of gain Investment Week
04 Feb 2017 Who wants to be an ISA millionaire The Times
02 Feb 2017 January's 10 most bought trusts Money Observer
31 Jan 2017 Fund tips for the age of Donald Trump The Telegraph
30 Jan 2017 14 investment trusts for income and growth in 2017 Money Observer
26 Jan 2017 The investment trusts I have been buying selling Money Observer
03 Jan 2017 How much should we save to retire at 60? Financial Times
05 Dec 2016 Top 10 Investment Trusts in November Morningstar
25 Nov 2016 Revealed: Winners of the Investment Company of the Year Awards 2016 Investment Week
31 Oct 2016 Income Investors Look to Global Equities and Infrastructure Morningstar
28 Oct 2016 UK equity income trusts: best protected payouts Investors Chronicle
28 Oct 2016 Investment trusts: professional picks 2016 Investors Chronicle
27 Oct 2016 Questor: Worried that the stock market is overvalued? This is the company for you The Telegraph
14 Oct 2016 Investment trust tips: fortune favours the brave Money Observer
26 Sep 2016 Revealed: The best funds for an investor to place in their SIPP in 2016 What Investment
17 Sep 2016 Where to put your cash when the outlook is stormy The Times
15 Sep 2016 Best International Investment Trust 2016 - RIT Capital Partners plc Wealth & Finance International
15 Sep 2016 Wealth & Finance Magazine recognise RIT Capital Partners in 2016 Wealth & Money Mangement Awards Wealth & Finance International
26 Aug 2016 Invest with the Rothschilds Money Week
16 Aug 2016 Rothschild sells equities as fears of 'deterioration' grow The Times
15 Aug 2016 Rothschild's RIT Capital dumps sterling as it braces for the latest monetary 'experiment' The Telegraph
15 Aug 2016 Lord Rothschild warns on geopolitical risks as RIT bolsters defensive strategies; Trust reduces equity and sterling exposure Investment Week
04 Aug 2016 Trust Investor Recommends RIT Trust Investor
24 May 2016 Investment Trust Awards 2016 - best mixed asset trust Money Observer
28 Mar 2016 Hargreaves Lansdown’s three trusts for 2016 ISAs FE Trustnet
25 Mar 2016 Mark Dampier: 'Constantly tinkering with a portfolio can mean you' The Independent
16 Mar 2016 No smoke without fire Money Observer
09 Mar 2016 'Telegraph 25': the definitive list of our favourite investment funds Telegraph Investor
01 Mar 2016 Lord Rothschild: we may be in ‘eye’ of a storm Financial Times
01 Mar 2016 Lord Rothschild warns stock markets are at ‘eye of storm’ Evening Standard
01 Mar 2016 Lord Rothschild: ‘we may well be in the eye of the storm’ Investment Week
01 Mar 2016 Lord Rothschild: The world economy is in the ‘eye of the storm’, but there are still profits to be made What Investment
01 Mar 2016 Lord Rothschild: we’re in ‘the eye of the storm’ Citywire
17 Feb 2016 Seven family trusts for capital growth Money Observer
11 Feb 2016 A portfolio that's 80pc sensible, 20pc fun: build your 'core/satellite' Isa plan The Telegraph
10 Feb 2016 Five specialist investment trusts tips for long-term total returns Money Observer
14 Jan 2016 Get rich slow: Funds that aim to always rise The Telegraph
12 Jan 2016 11 global fund and trusts tips for 2016 Money Observer
22 Dec 2015 'Balanced’ funds the experts are backing for 2016 FE Trustnet
07 Dec 2015 The best investment trusts to buy to cope with the market conditions in 2016 What Investment
31 Oct 2015 Why playing it safe can be a risky strategy The Times
31 Oct 2015 How to invest like the Rothschild dynasty The Telegraph
10 Oct 2015 The Guide -– unit versus investment trusts The Times
01 Oct 2015 Keeping it in the family can benefit investment trusts Investors Chronicle
16 Sep 2015 Lord Rothschild: The best assets to invest in right now to protect your portfolio in down markets What Investment
14 Aug 2015 How our investment trust tips performed Money Observer
14 Aug 2015 Conservative investment trust tips 2015/16: global and regional Money Observer
13 Jul 2015 Five investment trusts for long-term “superior growth” FE Trustnet
13 Jul 2015 Long-term core holdings for a £50,000 windfall Money Observer
11 Jun 2015 Spotlight on four global trusts Money Observer
01 Jun 2015 Safety first What Investment
05 May 2015 Hargreaves Lansdown: The two best investment trusts for cautious investors in 2015 What Investment
05 May 2015 Alternative investment trusts to Alliance Trust FE Trustnet
23 Mar 2015 Numis Investment trust tips for 2015 Citywire
23 Mar 2015 The funds that have returned more than 12pc per year - for THIRTY years The Sunday Telegraph
17 Mar 2015 Hargreaves Lansdown - The best funds for ISA investors in 2015 What Investment
16 Mar 2015 Mark Dampier: It's easier to make losses in a trust that cushions a fall The Independent
09 Jan 2015 Under the bonnet of Winterflood's trust picks for 2015 FE Trustnet
09 Jan 2015 Winterflood: The investment trusts for 2015 outperformance Investment Week
08 Jan 2015 Fund tips for 2015 Investors Chronicle
11 Dec 2014 Skin in the game: Which trust managers have committed the most? Investment Week
02 Dec 2014 Top investment funds – Keep it in the family Citywire
15 Nov 2014 Family affair: invest in a business dynasty The Times
22 Sep 2014 The long–term trust available on a discount FE Trustnet
05 Sep 2014 Conservative investment trust tips: Global and regional Money Observer
29 Aug 2014 Dependable names for uncertain times Financial Times
22 Aug 2014 Lord Rothschild: The two markets I have invested more money in this year What Investment
18 Aug 2014 Lord Rothschild takes £130m bet against the euro The Telegraph
15 Aug 2014 Quantitative easing to blame for overpriced assets, warns Lord Rothschild Evening Standard
06 Mar 2014 The trust that offers standout value FE Trustnet
06 Mar 2014 RIT Capital earmarks £400m for absolute return strategies Wealth Manager
06 Mar 2014 RIT Capital Partners reports strong total return in 2013 Alliance News
28 Feb 2014 Ignore the squabbling and get the best of both worlds in trusts The Independent
18 Nov 2013 Lord Rothschild slashes dollar holdings amid £250m fund rise CITY AM
28 Oct 2013 RIT top pick to save for a degree The Telegraph
19 Oct 2013 RIT: a low fee option for investors seeking global opportunities The Times
25 Sep 2013 The 15 Best ‘buy and forget’ funds The Telegraph
06 Sep 2013 IC Top 100 Funds 2013 Investors Chronicle
17 Aug 2013 Return to form for Rothschild's RIT Capital Partners
15 May 2013 Lord Rothschild's RIT Capital makes history after passing £2bn mark Wealth Manager
15 May 2013 RIT Capital Partners' net assets reach new high Hargreaves Lansdowne
14 May 2013 Investment trust tips: RIT Capital Partners The Telegraph
16 Apr 2013 RIT Capital's net asset value hits record high The Independent
16 Apr 2013 RIT asset value surge proves Rothschild right Evening Standard
08 Mar 2013 Lord Rothschild fund reaps big windfall on Japanese stock bet CITY AM
08 Mar 2013 Surge in RIT's asset value proves Rothschild right The Independent
08 Mar 2013 Rothschild Investment Trust On-Sale as it crashes through £2 billion barrier
07 Mar 2013 RIT CAPITAL: we have never been more active Wealth Manager
07 Mar 2013 Dividend soars as Rothschild's RIT gets it right The Evening Standard
28 Jan 2013 Charles Stanley's Peters: The pros and cons of IT dividend rule change Investment Week
14 Oct 2012 Investors' choice: New entrants or veterans? The Independent
15 Sep 2012 Rock of Ages Barrons
01 Sep 2012 Lord Rothschild knows better than I do where to put his own money... Mail Online
23 Aug 2012 Charles Stanley's Peters on what trusts must do to thrive post-RDR Citywire Wealth Manager
13 Aug 2012 Gilchrist: Beware extra costs of outsourcing your investment Fund Web
06 Aug 2012 Rothschild raises a glass to China Evening Standard
19 Jul 2012 Funds for uncertain times Investors Chronicle
19 Jul 2012 RIT Capital Partners Makes Investment in Corsair Capital PR Newswire
19 Jul 2012 RIT Capital buys stake in Corsair Reuters UK
06 Jul 2012 Best trusts for global growth Investors Chronicle
25 Jun 2012 Trust the Premier League Fund Web
22 Jun 2012 The Business of Resource Scarcity - Realising the Opportunities of Aligning Efficiency and Sustainability Huffington Post
11 Jun 2012 RIT Capital Partners: How small investors can keep up with the Rothschilds Mail Online
08 Jun 2012 The funds Rothschild is buying Citywire Wealth Manager
29 May 2012 Rockefellers and Rothschilds unite Financial Times
09 May 2012 Star managers of the investment trust industry Trustnet
29 Apr 2012 Raising a glass to Lord Rothschild The Sunday Telegraph
16 Apr 2012 RIT Capital - Top 10 investment trusts to buy The Daily Telegraph
10 Apr 2012 Investment Trust Insider: RIT Capital Citywire Wealth Manager
04 Apr 2012 Rothschild makes a killing on Agora sale The Independent
03 Apr 2012 Market Report: Heritage jumps on new Kurdistan gas find The Daily Telegraph
03 Apr 2012 RIT Capital set for £70m windfall from Cairn deal Citywire Wealth Manager
29 Mar 2012 ISA 2012: a guide to the Citywire Selection of best funds Citywire Money
17 Mar 2012 Rothschild's trust in link with cousin The Independent
17 Mar 2012 Rothschild's in family tie-up Financial Times
16 Mar 2012 Rothschild's trust in link with his French cousin Evening Standard
16 Mar 2012 RIT Capital and Edmond de Rothschild form fund firm Citywire Wealth Manager
16 Mar 2012 Asset Allocation: seven questions for James Brearley's Hannis Citywire Wealth Manager
13 Mar 2012 Trust Picks Investment Week
09 Mar 2012 Stay clear of overly popular investments Citywire Money
07 Mar 2012 RIT Capital Boosts Equities Holdings, Shifting Focus to Growth Bloomberg
07 Mar 2012 Lord Rothschild's RIT Capital lifts equities exposure The Daily Telegraph
29 Feb 2012 Jon Rickert enlisted to build Renshaw Bay's real estate platform Costar
28 Feb 2012 Ambitious AD start-up firm secures royal approval Edie
23 Feb 2012 Prince of Wales and Sainsbury's invest in green energy start-up Tamar The Daily Telegraph
22 Feb 2012 Lord Rothschild and Prince Charles launch alternative energy venture Citywire Wealth Manager
20 Feb 2012 View of a golden future... for some Fund Strategy
20 Feb 2012 Isa watch: best deals examined The Daily Telegraph
20 Jan 2012 Find a trend follower with skin in the game Financial Times
05 Dec 2011 RIT Capital eyes opportunities in distressed European banks Citywire Wealth Manager
02 Dec 2011 RIT Capital Partners: great trust, but too popular? City A.M.
30 Nov 2011 Rothschild trust looking for deals amid Eurozone crisis City A.M.
29 Nov 2011 Rothschild's baby beats benchmarks Digital Look
27 Nov 2011 Roger Jenkins and Huw Jenkins reveal why they left the city behind The Sunday Telegraph
25 Nov 2011 Unity is the key for China's top private firms China Daily Hong Kong
16 Nov 2011 Ian Hislop: Saluting the forgotten age of the unselfish banker, interview The Daily Telegraph
07 Nov 2011 O'Melveny on board as RIT invests in filesharer Dropbox The Lawyer
26 Oct 2011 Fill you own ISA first Money Week
20 Oct 2011 Three investment trusts for any portfolio Trustnet
18 Oct 2011 Cloud service Dropbox reaches for the sky Financial Times
26 Sep 2011 The case for investment trusts Investment Week
22 Jul 2011 RIT head Rothschild outlines blueprints China Daily Hong Kong
21 Jul 2011 Rothschild drawn to outbound Chinese funds Financial Times
28 Jun 2011 Portillion sets launch date of January 1 Mortgage Strategy
03 Jun 2011 Rothschild starts selling gold; warns on commodities Citywire Wealth Manager